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Inner thigh workouts ?

Side lunges
Sumo squats
Squat jumps

Google inner thigh exercises :p

asked by Anonymous
HI, I think your page and others are very inspirational. I am so excited to see so many women of color that are in shape featured. The main focus has been on doing squats and other serious exercise programs. My knees are a bunch of bones rubbing together that snap crackle and pop. Plus I'm overweight. What can I do to get in shape? I don't think I need the squats per se since I've been blessed with a decent size one. However, I need to lose tons of fat, and find my abs and thighs again. Help!

Hey love thanks I’m glad you like it!
If your main goal is to lose lots of fat.. I’d make cardio your friend. Weight training is awesome! It builds the muscles underneath the fat and helps to burn the fat you have. But for now I would make cardio like 60% of your exercise and then make the rest weight training. So make running, cardio dvds like turbo fire or insanity, kickboxing and stuff like that your friend.

Above all you need to put your diet in check. Try to stay away from a lot of processed foods and eat clean the best you can

asked by 911delta
Hi there. Love your blog! I found your blog a couple of days ago and everyone you post is so beautiful. Instantly made me want to get another gym membership and work out. Lately I've been doing the squat challenge, sit ups, and push ups everyday. So thank you! I was wondering, Is it healthy to make smoothies with almond milk or is it better with yogurt?

dairy can make some people bloat but others it works fine and the cultures inside are great to add. but it really depends on what kind of smoothie your making. as far as calories go.. almond milk normally has lower calories per serving than yogurt

asked by thesteezylife
I love this blog ✊

thank youuuu ☺

asked by djangoyomomma


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